Nassenheider® Fill up 2 Honey Filling Machines

… have proven themselves in practice for over 20 years.

Nassenheider® Honey 65

… the small automated filling machine for fast and precise honey filling.

Nassenheider® Honey 100

… the automated honey filling machine for professional beekeepers.



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Our Products

Honey Filling Machine Fill up 2

… is the basic equipment for honey bottling and contains everything for the filling of honey. No further accessories are necessary.

Starting at EUR 2,545

Turntable Honey 65

… consists of the basic equipment Fill up 2 and a turntable with 65 cm diameter. The filling station can be placed on a table and is optionally available with a rolling frame.

 Starting at EUR 4,642

Turntable Honey 100

… consists of the basic equiment Fill up 2 and a turntable with 100 cm diameter. The turntable can be extended by an outlet and / or a sorting rake. The turntable has a rolling frame.

Starting at EUR 6,671

Extension set "Propolis"

… for filling low viscosity bee products such as propolis solution, bear trapping or mead. The extension set consisting of a hose pump head and can be easily attached to the Fill up 2.

Extension set "Royal"

… for filling highly viscous bee products like royal jelly. The extension set consisting of a 5l funnel and the gear pump head S and can be easily attached to the Fill up 2.

General Information

Article and Price list

… here you will find the current article and price list. You are welcome to order these articles by clicking „Inquiry“.

Maintenance List

… we want you to enjoy your Nassenheider® filling machine for a long time. Therefore we have summarized the most important wear parts and their respective life time for you.

KEY advantages

Key Advantages of Nassenheider®

Compact & Easy to Operate

With Nassenheider® you can start immediately – no need for long instructions.

only domestic electricity

and no need for other media (e.g. pressured air) ensure that the machines can be used everywhere.

easy and fast cleaning

by quickly detachable screw connections between pump and drive unit.

modular system

Flexible upgrading with automation modules – our machines grow with your company.

Made in Germany

Development and production take place in Dresden using regional suppliers – for high quality and sustainability.

excellent Support

by telephone, WhatsApp-Chat or E-Mail – our competent team speaks eight languages

short delivery times

Most of our articles are on stock – for a fast start with your new Nassenheider®-maschine.

Fast Maintenance & Repair

Fast cahnge of wear & tear parts as well as fast repairs.

Certified Quality

We produce our machines according to the high standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Functionality of Nassenheider® Fill up 2

The machine fills liquid, freshly extracted honey at temperatures of 20 – 25°C. Very creamy honey with low water content must be heated to this temperature to ensure a fast and smooth filling process.

The honey is drawn from a honey container of any size using the supplied hose and a check valve and is dispensed drip-free directly into the honey jar. For this purpose there are different filling nozzles supplied, which are selected according to the diameter of the jar and the viscosity of the honey.

At the turntables the empty jars are placed by hand. The sensor detects the jar and stops the turntable, the jar is filled. After the container has been filled with the preset quantity, the turntable continues to rotate until the sensor detects the next jar, the table is stopped and the container is filled. The full jars collect in the center of the turntable and can be removed by hand.


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Nassenheider®-honey filling machines

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